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tv   Squawk Alley  CNBC  September 3, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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in new york. 8:00 a.m. out west and "squawk alley" is live. everyone is back, jon steinberg, jon fortt and kayla tausche. down with 190-point gain. twitter's first board meeting in new york city. a lot of speculation about a ceo announcement. dorsey is the presumed front-runner for that job and the research may be happening at square.
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the other company that dorsey founded. dorsey tweeted out this photo this morning getting his hair cut at his long-time barber in new york city. beard, a little more trimmed. we've laughed about this today. jon, but you think this is -- something? >> when he was interviewed by you and faber, he said i don't think we should talk about people's appearances, now he's tweeting out a picture of trimmed beard, tight haircut on the day the board is deciding. it's a lobbying move. if we were talking political candidates and hairstyles an outfits, this is a move. >> i think we should get a chia pet to gauge which way the twitter ceo search is done. when they pick a ceo, it will remove a negative. this is a company that's said it's rudderless at this point. growth has not worked. they need to start from scratch and figure out what the strategy is going to have. whatever they've said about the strategy, the beginning of the strategy is figuring out what
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game we are playing. growth is important. no matter what they say about logged-out users or anything like that. if they continue on the trajectory, where they've been, they will be the yahoo of social media. >> speaking of identity crisis, i was trying to get through the paywall and was greetsed with a couple of questions. you can take a survey. it was asking mefy knew what twitter was. the second question was -- do you believe that twitter is a leader for pop culture and sports news? >> yup. >> the fact that they are out there canvassing people on the internet? >> are you sure it was that? we run surveys all the time where we benchmark ourselves against competitors. >> google does host those surveys. >> it may have been any possible third party. >> jon fortt, what was the point of hiring spencer stewart. is that to avoid lawsuits down the line or what? >> i think it depends what actually comes out of the ceo
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search. is it jack dorsey. >> there have been prominent emails of padma warrior being the latest one. do they do anything with those candidates. if not, it's a head scratcher. >> we want somebody whose sole attention is going to be on twitter. and jack has squared a run at the same time. why are they saying one thing and doing another over and over again. how are they going to get investors to trust them again? >> we don't know that they are. let's remember three years ago, ross levinson was a presumed front-runner to take over yahoo. no one knew that the board was interviewing marissa mayer, because they played their cards close to the vest. >> i agree with jon, it takes away a negative. a company needs a ceo, they have other catalysts i want to talk about. the first is ad-blocking, ad-blocking is a huge trend we're going to watch in the next year. people that have closed-app ecosystem environments,
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facebook, goog, twitter, are better positioned, with ios 9 coming out. i've run and they work perfectly. twitter is in a better position than most. a positive catalyst. >> you're also looking at an environment where people may have less users over time or less monetizable users and the ones you have may be worth more as we shift to digital. >> twitter has been very good, give adam bain credit for monetizing the group of people that they have. >> it's not a huge and growing group, in order to satisfy their ambitions, the ambitions they sold wall street on. they need to be huge and growing. that is the bottom line with the ceo search and everything they do. >> everyone says the stock is up 3.5%. off a low base. i don't think we're going to see a huge pop with the ceo thing. i think peck is overly optimistic about a new ceo
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leading to a stock surge. it will be back to the growth question, it will be back to the questions again. >> well, 3.5% does get you back to august 18th levels. so they have actually almost a perfect v over the past two weeks. a cheaper tesla is coming. elon musk tweeting, model iii, our smaller sedan will start production in three years. fully operational giga factory needed $35,000, unveils in march. preorders start then. the stock is having a decent day at the open. here's the discussion, kayla. cramer this morning, a $35,000 tesla would make him go to and take a look at a car. but others say the mystique is ruined if it's something that's cheap. >> $35,000 is a chevy volt. i mean that's not really tesla's category that it's playing in. how does a company sell a $133,000 suv and a $35,000 car? >> he can't deliver these cars. i mean the guy can barely
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deliver the amount of cars he wants to at a $75,000 ticket price, we looked at the half-year mark where he said he was going to hit the 55,000-car target and he wasn't able to do that. he missed that target. i think there will be massive demand for a $35,000 car. about he can't make that many and he's already equivocating with i need the giga factory. >> i think 35,000, they start getting into the prius' category, that's absolutely huge it completely fits with tesla. there are plenty of people drooling over them. but they say i can't spend $70,000 for a car. but the giga factory asterisk. nothing like this has ever been built before and we just broke ground but here's how much the car is going to cost. there's a lot of what ifs to get through even before production begins, not even when deliveries are going to happen. >> and the conversation we were having about the battery that he was going to develop was around the giga factory and how many
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things you actually had need to produce at the giga factory to make it worth it. is this just adding more products on to production line for the giga factory so that you can just -- >> now the giga factory can also be used for $29,000 to upgrade the original model, the roadster as well. right now the musk is saying there's problems on the $135,000 suv with the fly-up delorian doors. he's going to whiff on this like nobody's business. >> he's delivering the dream. >> get your preorders in soon. finally, apple music still a work in progress. that's accord together vice president of itunes international. oliver schusser who told the "guardian" there's a lot of work on making the product better. he goes on to say that apple music connect is growing, but we still have a bit of homework to be done for the rest of the year.
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i guess that would fit with some complaints we've heard about play lists being deleted and so forth. >> i'm not sure i'm going to continue with apple music beyond the three-month trial. because $10 a month is a lot for music. a lot of the music i listen to i own already, it's stuff that i like or the new stuff i want to hear i can hear on pandora, do i want to give apple $120 a year for the occasional new song that i like? i can just buy it, right? so i think they have some work to do. apple music an interesting experience, but for me, it's too cluttered they need to simplify it i'm not sure i'm ready to pay yet. >> you're a technology reporter. for me it's too hard to use as well. if you and i can't use apple music. there's very little hope for it. >> i can use it, i just don't like to. it's a chore. every time gi into my own playlist, it defaults back to the home screen and it's to do so much scrolling and standpointing. it's a bad user experience from
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the interface point of view. it's not that hard to fix it i don't know why they do this. >> i was talking to our producer, mark, about how. watching mr. robot over the top on the "u.s.a. today." >> i had to try three times to do it i can't explain to my wife how the chromecast works in the house. these products are revolutionizing our lives, but they're incredibly hard to use. it's almost like what we see on twitter. with an interface, which caters to geeks. to go mainstream in a big way. they need to be a lot easier to use. >> i was hard on apple because they deserve it. this interface issue, it's like window, five, ten years ago. it's just bad. i enjoy using microsoft's office 354, more than i enjoy using apple music. there's too much scrolling and
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tapping. >> it actually does what it's supposed to do. it's not giving me the wrong music. it's just not a pleasure for me to go in and use it and it needs to be a pleasure. >> the standard caveat that this matters very little to whether iphones go negative in december which the journal takes a crack at saying may actually happen. >> some of the stuff needs to work. >> it's so exciting that the watch is a mltty million dollar business. we need to see the same thing with apple tv. some of these things need to work. >> i will eat your tie if the iphone goes negative. >> really? >> i will grind it up and eat little pieces. >> the standard worries about the s cycle don't apply this time? >> there are worries about this every time and people say this has to be apple's biggest iphone yet. every iphone has been the biggest iphone yesterday. and the trend is moving in apple's favor this time. in market share gains over samsung. >> would you eat jon's tie if it goes the other way?
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>> is he kidding me? no way. >> activation up. >> absolutely. well jon doesn't have a tie, i forgot about that part. >> jon steinberg, always good to see you. >> the markets in positive territory. a little stability for the fact that china is closed for a military parade, hong kong is open for tomorrow. for now, helping a little bit. >> the dow is up 180 points, the s&p 500 up 1.25%. the nasdaq up just shy of 1%. we did get positive data on the trade deficit. >> another strong session for the major averages, l brands trading higher. august sales higher for the parent company of victoria's secret and bed, bath and body and joe global getting crushed.
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profit and revenue missing forecasts, cutting its guidance for the rest of the year. that stock down 16% and a company hit by weak commodity demands, carl, it was the only company in the s&p 500 when we come back an exclusive interview with treasury secretary jack lieu on the u.s. economy in china, plus why chip makers are leading the rally. a look at the likes of intel and micron. >> and hundreds of millions of views for its views, we're going to talk viral, social media streaming and more. we have erased all the losses from tuesday's session. more "squawk alley" is back in a minute. big day? ah, the usual.
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treasury secretary jack lieu sat down with our own steve liesman for an exclusive interview talking about the economy, china and iran. steve joins us with more. steve? >> kayla several days ago the chinese government arrested a chinese journalist who suggested that the government might not intervene in the market. the government forced him to go on television and confess his crimes among them destabilizing society. we asked treasury secretary jack lieu his lew his reaction. >> obviously transparency means that you can see and talk about what's happening in an economy and a government's economic policies. it's an important principle, something that i believe is part
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of being one of the leading economies of the world. you have to be willing to be more transparent. i think rum of l, rule of law i incredibly important and that china is trying to build. >> not the strongest condemnation i must say. in our interview with lew yesterday. it took place just hours after democrats took a vote to pass the iran deal. lew warned about companies going into iran too early to do business. >> an important message i've given to the businesses in the united states and overseas and to financial leaders, finance ministers around the world, is none of the sanctions that will be lifted when iran complies are lifted yet. they're all in place until iran completes all of the steps that it has to take. so there should be no misunderstanding that because there's a vote in congress or
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because we've passed some initial date that the sanctions are gone. >> lew says the u.s. will continue to implement sanctions until iran complies with agreement. terrorism and global destabilization from iran, can you read the full interview on >> you guys covered a lot of ground. great interview. i encourage everyone to read the transcript. the markets meanwhile are holding on to positive gains this morning. dow still up triple digits and art cashin joins us at post 9. art, a lot of the move is on the back of oil. which broke 48, why did we see that happen? >> why did oil do what it did? i think they're still trying to figure out the supply situation. they had a couple of refineries go down. they don't really have it. i think you saw probably the melting down of a very large
11:18 am
short position. there were many people short oil. it was the obvious bet. people were saying are we going to see 30, will there be a 20 number attached. i think you had a lot of weak hands, a lot of them covered on the 23% move up. some of them may have in fact reshorted on the first downtick and now they're paying a price. i think today you could make it probably 40% the fact that shanghai doesn't open until tomorrow. if you look around at the global markets, they were all celebrating that. and then you could make it 40% 0 oil and the other 20% i think is mario draghi and even a little bit that the imf once again suggested to the fed, don't do it. >> before we leave the topic of oil. to hear the treasury secretary say specifically that iran will not be free from sanctions until they comply with the deal. that the vote doesn't just open
11:19 am
the spigot for their oil. do you think that that takes away a wild card for the time being? >> it certainly tempers something that was a factor on wednesday when you know we looked at the oil inventories in about the same time. we found out that they could sustain the veto and therefore we might have more oil. i think iran is, is kind of a wild card. they are saud said to have tankers all over the place already filled with oil. it's not high quality oil. it's quite sulfurous. but there are people who can use it. so when everybody said it will take a while to ramp up to a million barrels or two. i think they have to pull those tankers out and start selling it some place and it will impact the price greatly. >> when i was a kid i had a kitten named charlotte, she was paranoid. any noise and she would run away. it seems like the markets have been that way about oil and the
11:20 am
asian markets, is that what's going on? what breaks us out of thatnd gets people paying attention to something else other than what's happening over there? >> i think what you need to see is several days, if not a couple of weeks of stability. the big debate, with we have a capitulation bottom. will we be retesting? experience tells me we should be retesting and it's a matter of a couple of weeks. you know, nice to have a day or two like this. but that's no guarantee. i don't think it's a bottom in place. >> quickly before we go, dovish comments out of the ecb. reiteration from the imf that global growth is weak. does that mean that the fed would risk an even bigger decoupling so to speak? if they were to raise rates in two weeks? >> i still don't believe they should do it however i will tell you, these are unconfirmed rumors and the watering holes of wall street. that they're serious enough
11:21 am
about it to hold conversations with the primary dealers, the people who trade in treasuries. asking what do you think would be a negative consequence if we did it. so it sounds like there's certainly considering it. and are concerned about it. if those rumors are correct. >> i would trust the people in your watering holes, that's for sure, art, art cashin, we appreciate it. happy 20th birthday to ebay, we'll tell you the first thing ever sold on the online auction site. no, it wasn't a pez dispenser, and stocks in the green again today, the dow up better than 150 points. next big driver for today's auks action will be the close in europe. no student's ever photographed mean ms. colegrove.
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china closed overnight but europe clearly open and closing in the green. simon is here to wrap it up. >> the ecb did the business for
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stocks today in europe. these are strong gains, for many western european, the stock markets as a result of what the ecb said. on the data, retail sales disappointed in europe today. however, the pmi actually quite strong. indicating business activity approaching a four-year high. but still very split. if you look at the composite pmi for spain, strong, france, weak. let's get to it, it was all about the ecb, mario draghi lowering the growth and inflation estimates. saying that the ricks remain to the down side there forehe was stressing the ecb's willingness and ability to act. they have increased the national companies on bond buying. from 25% to 33%. this is the balance for mark oswald as of 8:00 a.m. you could describe draghi's performance as stumbling, no discussion of changing the time commitment or the volume of qe program. don't get that wrong. in addition you might see the
11:26 am
bond-buying caps being raised as a sign of difficulty with the existing program. not a precursor to expanding qe. it's boosted the markets, it's further soothed how europeans feel. a couple of sections shifting today. the miners are substantially higher. this after rio came through, reaffirming its target for steel in china despite the fact that bhp billiton cut theirs back in the sector of glencore. >> and another sector doing well is the ail sector across europe. led by easy jet in the uk up over 5%. easy jet is predicting record sales for the year. partly because the winter in the united kingdom was so bad, everybody booked to travel around the rest of europe. a reminder to any britain that lives in this country, one of the major reasons we're here, never forget, is for the weather
11:27 am
back home. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. simon hobbs. when we come back he's nominated for an emmy for the latest season of key and peel. you might know him better as the anger translator for president obama. keegan michael peel will join us later. i'm here at the td ameritrade trader offices. ahh... steve, other than making me move stuff, what are you working on? let me show you. okay. our thinkorswim trading platform aggregates all the options data you need in one place that lets you visualize that information for any options series. okay, cool. hang on a second. you can even see the anticipated range of a stock expecting earnings. impressive... what's up, tim? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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good morning, i'm sue herera and here is your cnbc news update at this hour. a federal judge ruling against the nfl in the deflategate case,
11:30 am
erasing new england patriots quarterback tom brady's four-game suspension. the judge saying nfl commissioner roger goodell went too far in affirming brady's punishment. a norwegian ship carrying nearly 800 migrant ace rifg at an italian port. might grants had been rescued during several rescue operations by the italian navy most of the migrants were from sub-sarahan africa. president obama gave rivlin a medallion saying look what unites. the vatican said the meeting focused on peace in the middle east. a mexican game developer has released a new video game that allows players to throw soccer balls and bottles of tequila at donald trump. the game is called trumpalo, which means trump him. a play on a spanish word that means punch someone in the face.
11:31 am
let's get back to "squawk alley." despite recent volatility in the tech sector, semiconductors still seeing some green. but our next guest says that while she remains defensive on the sector, we should still expect uncertainty in china to put pressure on these stocks. betsy van keys is the semiconductor analyst with webb bush. what's driving what's happening in the semiconductors these days? intel is way down. so is qualcomm. we've got all of this interesting action with samsung and apple. designing their own chips. which takes a lot of margin out on the wireless side. what do you expect to drive this over the next several quarters? >> well, when you look at what happened to semiconductors people want to go back a couple of months ago. sector was trading on merger mainia we had the recent acquisition of qualcomm by avago
11:32 am
and the semiconductor industry was on fire because investors were looking at what was going to be the next lottery ticket of what company was going to get acquired. and we met with 15 executives in june who told us that underlying fundamentals weren't that healthy. since that we've been seeing it play out. particularly in china we heard at the time that basically back in mid june, the overall market was a b-minus and china was cautious, europe was weak and the only strength was in north america. here we are, stocks trying to trade on their fundamentals. china has been very weak. we've seen a lot of that. was going to be driving it moving forward is we're going to have a bump up as we head into what is a seasonally strongest period for the whole sector. which is the christmas selling period and then chinese new year. and then of course we have the impending apple launch which is happening shortly. which should be a short-term driver for the group as well. >> for some in the group. but there are others who aren't going to get a lot of benefit. we'll see which way the lte
11:33 am
radio goes, whether it goes intel's way or qualcomm. but i wonder, you mentioned brian krzanich told us on this program a couple of months ago that during certain periods growth slows down and acquisition needs to happen. we seem to be in that kind of a period. the acquisition activity, has maybe slowed down a bit. you expect it to pick up again? or do we have to wait for some new category, maybe wearables, to really explode in order to see semis surge ahead again? >> i think that's a great question and we are in a slowing period right now. of acquisition, but-day expect it to pick up. we will see further consolidation in the industry. there's no question about that. we are in a slowing growth rate with the industry overall. as it continues to grow more, at a closer rate to gdp than the exceptional growth rate it's seen over the past few years. but until company vass better feel of end-market demand, particularly what's happening in
11:34 am
china and the health of europe, i think we're going to probably not see too many acquisitions between now and the end of this year and we'll have to wait until we get into next year. next year i do expect that to pick up and we will see more acquisitions happening as companies look to get to that next stage of growth for themselves. it's hard to grow organically in semis. go what do you think about micron? up 17% in just the last five days, part of that is the overall markets firming a little bit. part of that is news that china's uni group chairman came to the u.s. to discuss this bid. a $23 billion bid was really not a fair value for micron's stock. do you think that that's a deal that ends up happening? what's the future for micron? >> i think that the future for micron is fak. it's a great company. an outstanding management team. the problem is we're in a period of over-supply. both in what we believe to be d-ram and it's impacting the
11:35 am
company and they're going through a period of transitioning to lower their costs, you kind have perfect storm for the company. which is causing, which is why the stock is down so much at this point. and as for an acquisition, i just, i don't see that happening with china. because of the fact that there's just so much legalities there in terms of a chinese entity owning such a huge u.s. corporation. so i just don't see that getting passed through. i see it being very difficult. the chinese government will continue to make i think smaller acquisitions that might go through. like for example, isfi is a small specialty memory company in the process of being acquired by a chinese consortium. so i see things like that continuing to happen. such a large company as micron, as important as it is to the united states. as well as you know, when you look at korea, and how important it would be or how difficult, not only how important but how significantly impactful it would be for china to have that type of technology, it would be very
11:36 am
difficult i think to get not only through our u.s. government, but also korea as well and also beat japan. >> betsy, we've got some pretty strong rue vees out on windows 10. so far intel just rolled ott the sky link chips we've expected to get and some positive commentary around those. if you're a person who believes over the next six months the pc market is going to pick up, should you be buying semis right now? >> yes, absolutely. intel is one of them, the stocks that we like here. they are paying a great dividend yield at 3.4%. they've got the data center business that continues to be strong. we are here at the trough of pcs, they mentioned sky light, a fantastic chip, their sixth generation, we expect the data to be coming out of taiwan to be more positive for pcs as we start to see the rollout of sky lake with windows 10. so we are at the trough and pcs, we expect it to be better and 2016 should be a much better
11:37 am
year for the pc market than 2015. and sky lake will be a big driver for that. so intel definitely one of our most defensive names in our universe and company that we recommend at this point in time. >> i guess congratulations to anybody who picked it up at $26 a few days ago, it's back up close to 30. betsy, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks so much for having me. >> we are getting a statement from the players' union on the dedplatgate, as you might have heard a few moments ago tom brady and the patriots beating the nfl as the judge nullifies the four-game suspension. players now out with a statement saying the right to tom brady and all of nfl players under the collective bargaining agreement were affirmed by a federal judge, we thank judge berman for his time, careful consideration of the issue and fair and just result. this decision should prove once and for all, that our cba does not grant this commissioner the authority to be unfair, arbitrary and misleading.
11:38 am
it goes on from there. but the executive director out with that is. >> we have yet to hear from the nfl. coming up, may the toys be with you. "star wars" merchandise for the next movie go on sale at midnight what does it mean for disney? rick santelli, what are you watching today? >> toeqy's trifecta thursday. we're going to be watching three different areas. we're going to be talking about something interesting going on with grace, talk about china and talk about deflategate. it has a potential tie-in with fed policy and the magic number for today -- 10. can a business have a mind?
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barry bannister just cut his targets for stocks, he's live on where he sees the market heading now. and dan niles joins us exclusively for a look at what tech names he's buying and which ones he's shorting. is jack dorsey gets a shave ahead of twitter's board meeting we sent jon najarian to get the scoop at the barber shop. did the ponytail make it out alive? we'll find out in 20 minutes. kayla? >> wow. that's a tease if i've ever heard one. scott, thanks. see you in a few. now to the cme group, rick santelli has the santelli exchange. >> thank you and we're going to start out with some charts. i told you there's something interesting going on with rates.
11:42 am
let's look at a couple of two-day charts. the reason i pick two-day is because yes, we see dynamics today. and computer scaling always makes them fill the screen just right. when you put a two-day you get to see the breadth of a move. the first chart you're going to see, bund yields, look how much lower they are than yesterday. now look at 10s and 30s in the u.s. you could see the difference there. now let's frame this. right before and as we are approaching the end of august and august is a unique month to see reality in the european fixed income sector. because as we all recall, that special dinner, well before august i believe it was early july, when the notion of they're going to pull some qe forward was a big topic that few seem to know about that weren't sitting at that table. but the reason is, is europe really kind of vacates the premises of trading chops in august. so at the end of august we saw real run-up of rates. and of course mario draghi kind of addressed it, talking about
11:43 am
extending the program of qe from a calendar perspective, even though i don't know where they're going to find the securities, that's a topic for another day. so there's something stubborn about rates. so the 10 and 30s followed them on the way up toward the end of august, but when they came down today when mario gave the market what it wants, turned on the hamster wheel again, we haven't really followed them down. pay attention to that. the second issue is china. we had a guest on "squawk box," the ceo of the port of long beach. he said that from an import perspective, his port is going bonkers, a good assessment of our economy, but on the export side, he said china on the export side is down 10% year over year. everybody's jaw dropped. anybody who thinks that what's goings-on with china is just affecting the markets, don't think so. we talk about trade in capital a
11:44 am
big focus. the last point, i love football, i love current affairs, we know that the at league lost. quantitative easing and the fed and the central banks of europe and the central planners in china have a lot in common with what happened between brady, goodell and the judge. ultimately there was no evidence that the deflated football actually affected anything. it certainly didn't affect the outcome of the game. it certainly doesn't affect the history of maybe the greatest quarterback and the greatest coach of all time wixt is that like what's going on with qe? instead of deflategate on qe, we have inflategate on qe and the reason it's similar is because there's very little evidence that makes any difference, but it's the only topic we talk about. jon fortt, back to you. >> thanks, rick, greatest quarterback of all time? in chicago, no less. of course friday is tomorrow. the retail launch that kicks off at midnight for disney's promotional push for the upcoming "star wars" film.
11:45 am
the julia boofrtsen is at lucas film's offices in san francisco with a look at what the product means for disney. >> all of these hundreds of products that disney and lucas film are launching are going to be huge. analysts are calling this an unprecedented global licensing event. and disney retailers, disney and all sorts of retailers are pulling out all the stops with midnight toy releases tonight and events at the disney stores, toys are us and wal mamart stor around the country with a bug push from amazon. jp morgan analyst alexia quadrani says force friday has a potential to accelerate the consumer products division profit and growth. she estimates a 200% increase "star wars" global licensing and same store sales saying it could lead to $500 million in
11:46 am
incremental revenue and $200 million of incremental operating profit in fiscal '16. not only great for disney, but hasbro, which has the majority of the toy licenses, as well as lego and toy retailers, including toys 'r' us, amazon and walmart. because of the unusual way that disney is rolling out these hundreds of products, starting three and a half months before the new film hits theaters, licensing expert marty bronstein says that the disney is expanding the total merchandise potential. >> figure four to six weeks maybe in front of the film is when the second wave of merchandise is going to appear. this way everybody gets a couple of different bites of the apple. >> bronstein is bullish, but he said the only risk is that disney potentially overdoes it, too early and stores overstocked merchandise, but at this point that doesn't seem too likely. guys, back to you. >> a lot of fan boys and girls
11:47 am
waiting for their stuff this weekend. he helped the president get laughs earl year in the year. >> in our fast-changing world, traditions like the white house correspondents dinner are important. >> i mean really -- what is he saying? and jeb bush, do you really want to do this? >> because despite our differences -- >> keegan michael peal is here to tell us what is next for viral video, digital content, the "police reboot" next on "squawk alley."
11:48 am
big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week.
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together, we're building a better california. in had the. when proep appeared at this year's white house correspondents' dinner. our next guest was at his side. as his anger translator. >> the supreme court ruled that the donor who gave ted cruz $6 million was just exercising free speech. >> yeah. as the kind of speech like this -- i just wasted $6 million. >> you might recognize keegan michael key. the co-star of comedy central's hit tv sketch comedy show "key and peel" which is ending its run, making me and other fans very sad. he joins us here at post 9.
11:51 am
i've seen so many clips of you guys that i passed around on facebook from the spoilers one thaw guys did to the one with the homophobic sports guy. >> yeah. >> you guys have done a lot of great stuff. i got to ask -- why stop now? the brand has been strong, it's key and peel. a lot of people thought we don't know which one is key and which one is peel. >> i'm key you got that right. >> i think part of it is that there's other projects, other things we want to pursue and the amount of time it takes to get a season up is it's quite lengthy. about 10 1/2 to 11 months to get a whole season written, taped, post-produced, locked. it's a lot of work and there's other endeavors that we want to explore. the other thing is because of the new landscape we're in, those sketches can live online in this modular fashion.
11:52 am
my hope would be of course forever and ever. also other thing is that there's other sketches that exist on the television show, that have never been put on the air. so maybe if we can dole those out in a responsible way, people will still be getting new content online for maybe two or three years. so yeah, we'll see, we'll see how that works. >> you had this show on traditional tv, five seasons, 600 million views on comedy central's youtube page. did you see more of an impact when those singular clips went viral than from people who were watching your show? >> absolutely. i think on a daily basis if i'm recognized, if i'm walking down the street and recognized ten times a day i imagine that six of those recognitions or seven are from people who have own seen videos, or have never seen the television program. a girl walked up to me in portland, 0 oregon and said i've been watching you since way back when, when you were doing the videos, so the native is not ripe in people's minds, they
11:53 am
think we were making videos before we had a television show. >> what platform, when something hits, gets some legs, what platform is it usually on? what platform do you watch closely to see if it has legs? >> for me, so much of it is good old-fashioned word of mouth and i'll find myself watching or bingeing on things i didn't know existed on all the streaming platforms. i watch hue lieu, amazon prime, i watch netflix all the time. >> you don't have those on some priority list? >> in regard to the platform itself? >> knenetflix is the ferrari. my wife and i are probably a 50/a house. 50% of what we watch is on dvr and 50% of what we watch are on streaming. we're both gone a lot and we have to compile shows, the model still works for us. >> what is the value of social media for you as an actor, as a comedian. tina fey has said why would i want to be on twitter?
11:54 am
i don't want to give my jokes away for free. you built in amazing brand through social media. is that part of what opens the door for the movies and things you're able to work on? >> there's metrics that people pay attention to in hollywood and our industry and some of that is amount of people that follow you. whether or not that's something that i applaud as an artist, who cares. but as a businessman, yes. so i think that part of it is the ind massey, the connection that you get to have with other people. with a regular person who says you should do this. there have been times that people have suggested a sketch and we've explored and made a sketch based off a suggestion, it gives them a certain kind of power. >> i'm sure you owe a certain sense of gratitude to viacom to comedy center, but given the diaspora we've seen, what's the mood inside the building, what do you think is going to happen to comedy central zblcht i know they've talked to us and other people on the network about doing more online content. and i think that has to be their
11:55 am
future. they're in an interesting place, kind of fluid, but also their demographic. they have a television station, their demographic consumes online more than on appointment watching. i think they're moving, they're shifting everything towards towards the youtube channel. towards the their own platform. >> when did you luther at the white house dinner, how hard was it not to crack up. because he kept a straight face. >> he didn't keep a straight face in the rehearsal. but the thing that astonished me the most. i was not as nervous as i thought i would be. his sense of timing blew my mind. understanding where the jokes were coming, where the laughs were. he was amazing. >> when you say you have other projects, are you going to be full-time luther? >> i'm going to be on his lecture circuit. >> well, in a couple of years he'll have some time on his hands. >> exactly. keegan michael key.
11:56 am
thank you so much for joining us. some people are sad about one direction breaking up? >> thanks, appreciate it. when we come back, more on this rally that is being seen. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger.
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ebay has recently split into two companies. spinning off paypal into its own unit. what was the first thing sold on the site? founder pierre sold a broken laser pointer for $14.83. legend he reached out to the buyer to make sure the buyer knew it didn't work, he just wanted to sell it. >> an upgrade at piper. good market action relative to other s&p gainers. >> pretty good price for a broken laser pointer. i wonder how much the buyer could get for it now. >> not a lot of action, but a number of stocks up. semiconductor conversation we were having.
12:00 pm
>> intel leading the dow. even as joy is down what is it down now? >> for the week, down 24%. caterpillar the worst-performing component of the dow as mining in any form continues to be misery. >> when we say there's stability because of china being closed, there are some names, even not benefitting from that. >> let's get to the judge and the half. ♪ thanks so much. welcome to the halftime show. let's meet the starting line jup. joe terranova, josh brown, jon najarian, he said. >> and dan greenhouse, vpig chief global strategist. talking tech, fund manager dan niles on what he's buying or shorting and why. the alpha 1 found certificate live this hour. close shave, wha


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